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Drone Solutions

Top Rated Aerial Photography Services of the Carolinas and Beyond

Providing Commercial Drone Solutions for Facilities Management

Carolina Airshots Drone Solutions


Industrial Building


We think so! 

As buildings age they require additional monitoring and maintenance

Being able to see all angles of your land and property in a birds eye view can be essential to maintaining upkeep of buildings and parking lots.  Regularly scheduled drone flights give property managers an affordable way to keep accurate and up to date knowledge on the condition of structures. This data documentation can be gathered via a drone in a matter of minutes would take an enormous amount of man hours to achieve manually

Why Trust Carolina Airshots? 

Without proper training drones can be a dangerous tool.
Don't let just anyone with a flying camera on your property.

Rest easy knowing Carolina Airshots remote pilot adheres to all sUAS safety practices, has extensive training, is Part 107 certified, and holds a permit from both the FAA and NCDOT for commercial drone operation in the sate of North Carolina and every flight is fully insured. We secure all necessary permits and airspace authorizations for operating drones at your site.
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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Inspecting and evaluating a building is crucial to uncovering problems that may arise due to lack of maintenance or exposure to the elements. Small issues such as corrosion can lead to bigger and even catastrophic problems down the road resulting in even more costly repairs.


It’s nearly impossible to get and keep an accurate records of your buildings exterior from all angles including roofs, gutters and high peak areas without safety hazards and placing staff in danger not to mention the need to deploy expensive equipment such as ladders, and ropes. Additionally, the documentation and data collected by a drone is far superior than is achievable putting a man in danger to crawl up there with a camera

Drone uses in Facility Management

Drone Photo of Industrial building
  • Faster and less costly property and facilities assessments

  • Quickly evaluate the overall condition o buildings and site improvements

  • Proactive approach to detect issues before they become critical.

  • Identify problems and structural damage which can’t be seen from ground.

  • Keep workers safe and liability low by bypassing putting workers in danger.

  • Assist with vital decision-making regarding expenditures and maintenance.

  • Insurance support documentation before and after filing a claim

Media and Marketing your property

Drones can capture breathtaking magazine quality aerial photos or 4k video footage of your property and showcase your outdoor amenities with amazing shots that were previously only available by hiring a helicopter.  Footage of your business easily attained from a drone can be turned into everything from eye popping brochures to a full on Hollywood media production, 

We're A Drone Call Away!

Modern Building
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quadcopter drone

Get premium quality aerial photos, video, maps & data captured by an experienced professional drone pilot.  Carolina Airshots has the skills & training required to get the job done right the first time and on time.

Tell Us About Your Project


Get magazine-quality still photos or video footage delivered fast. Our photographers fly premium quality drones and will capture images of your subject from virtually any angle.

We'll Schedule a Flight


After confirming your project details & requirements, we’ll send a pilot to your specified location, wherever it is you need us.

Download Your Aerial Imagery

We will share your drone photos and videos with you and make them available to download within 24 hours following the time the shoot.

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