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Drone Documentation for Insurance

Drone your Home or Business

Get Photo and Video ​Documentation of Your Property and Assets for Insurance Claims BEFORE and AFTER the Damage occurs!

Aerial imagery raises the standard for accurate, cost-efficient post-event property documentation such as roof damage, flooding and fallen trees, without having to send people into potentially dangerous areas

Nobody likes to deal with insurance issues but accidents and natural disasters happen and the best way to protect yourself is to document your possessions and property now before a major event rather than trying to reconstruct after disaster hits. Homeowners should always have up to date photogenic documentation of their assets.

When issues do arise and you need to file an insurance claim the most effective way to speed up the process is to thoroughly document the problem and share it with your insurance agent as quick as possible. 

Drone photo of roof damage

High-resolution photography and video footage of your property is imperative to the claims process when it comes to documentation.  Having this kind of documentation on hand BEFORE disaster strikes will prove to your claims adjuster the whole story including the last known condition of your property and the area surrounding it should something unexpected happen and the need should arise to put in an insurance claim.

When disaster hits, you want to document the damage as fast as possible to ensure rapid claim processing and ensure timely payouts for all involved. However, accessing the affected disaster area may be downright dangerous for both adjusters and homeowners. In many big disasters thousands of claims are placed on hold, resulting in downtown for businesses and financial loss and dissatisfaction among customers. Drone Technology can acheive the desired documentation fast and easy with no risk to humans entering a dangerous area. 

Photo of flood damage


Drones can fly into the affected areas and capture real time first hand documentation and data without disturbing the scene or putting human life in jeopardy. Remote pilot drone operators can remain at a safe distance and capture still images and video to access the situation and document damage. Using drone technology dramatically reduces time for processing claims which is a crucial factor for homeowners or businesses whose properties have been damaged or affected by accidents or natural disasters. Dispatching a drone to gather data aides in ensuring proper and accurate financial quotes for claims progression and greatly speeds the claims process.

Drone photo of flood damage

We're a Drone Call Away! 

Modern Architecture

Carolina Airshots Service Benefits

drones on construction

Mitigate Risk

The use of drones improves worker safety for routine inspections and reduces risk of putting humans in unsafe areas such as roof peaks or other dangerous positions.

Carolina Airshots drone services

Reduce Costs

The use of drones eliminates the need for expensive equipment and manpower, reduces liability, saves time, and helps identifying issues before they become costly

Carolina Airshots drone services

Quick Results

Images and data gathered can be quickly shared electronically in real time via digital files to allow for quick decision making. 

Why Trust Carolina Airshots? 
Without proper training drones can be a dangerous tool.
Don't let just anyone with a flying camera on your property.
Rest easy knowing Carolina Airshots remote pilot uses the latest technology and software, adheres to all sUAS safety practices, has extensive training, is FAA Part 107 certified, and holds a permit from the NCDOT for commercial drone operation in the sate of North Carolina. Every flight is fully insured. We secure all necessary permits and airspace authorizations for operating drones at your site.
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