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Carolina Airshots drone services


  • What is a UAV/UAS?
    An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerial System, also known as a drone. It is a multi-rotor drone that is operated via a remote control by a person on the ground. It is maneuverable and safe.
  • How much does drone photography cost?
    It all depends on the size and scope of project. Every client and every project is unique, and should be treated as such. We’re here to understand and fulfill your specific needs. Some of the factors affecting pricing include: Type of drone requiredComplexity of flight planning Airspace clearance requirements FAA waiver requirements Necessity of a visual observer Edited or unedited work Data processing expenses Risk to equipment (e.g. filming off a boat vs filming in an open field) Liability risk (e.g. urban area vs. vacant land) In keeping with our mission of providing a smooth, hassle-free experience for our customers, we always seek to quote flat, "out the door" rates for jobs whenever possible - no hidden travel fees, tacked on visual observer fees, footage “licensing” fees, or racking up by-the-hour charges because a job took longer than we anticipated in the original bid. What we quote up front is what you pay for the delivered work, period.When requesting a quote, please describe to us in as much detail as possible what you're looking to achieve, what you expect from us, and the exact location of the job, in order for us to provide the most accurate quote we can in the most timely manner possible. Call Carolina Airshots today for a free quote!
  • Why do you need my address for a quote?
    One of the very first things that we need to do is check the air space where you want to fly to see if flight operations are possible and if Authorization from the FAA is required for that specific address. We use a whole host of flight planning tools to ensure that we comply legally and safely in our aerial drone operations.
  • Can you fly a drone at night?
    Yes. We have obtained a waiver from the FAA to conduct night operations ( strangely enough it’s actually called the 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver). Most drone operators do not have this waiver. It is more complex than flying during the day or at dusk, but at Carolina Airshots, we possess the capability. We also fly with anti collision lights at dawn and dusk as required by the FAA to ensure other air craft can spot our drones.
  • How long can you fly the drone?
    The battery on some of our drones last up to 30 minutes. Our flight times typically last 10-20 minutes, on average. We bring multiple batteries and chargers on all of our drone shoots to ensure that we can capture that perfect shot!
  • Can you fly a drone at my location?
    Send the address where the drone operations will take place to and we will check for you at no charge.The FAA has recently implemented the new LAANC system which grants instant authorization to a greater portion of restricted air space that used to take months to obtain. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Are you licensed by the FAA?
    Yes. Remote Pilot Jeff Smith holds a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Certificate and is a certified commercial drone operator. We can provide our FAA credentials upon request.
  • Do you have any weather limitations?
    FAA regulations limit us to flights only under VFR or visual flight rules. In general this means having 3 miles visibility and remaining clear of clouds. We can fly in temperatures from 25 degrees F. to over 115 degrees F. We can also fly in gusty winds up to 25 mph if needed. For safety reasons it is typically best to fly under the best conditions whenever possible. Carolina Airshots reserves the right to cease flight operation should high winds/weather pose a safety concern.
  • How far can you fly?
    Technically speaking, the range of our UAV's is over 6 miles. However, In accordance with the FAA guidelines, we must maintain a visual line of site of the drone at all times. Depending on visibility, this will keep the drone well under that distance.
  • What is the typical turnaround time for finished work?
    This is highly dependent on what the finished work actually is. Raw footage turn around is same-day (very large amounts of footage may run into the following morning due to upload time) or can even be delivered on-site at job completion via laptop or SD card backup device. Edited photos are typically delivered within 24-48hours - residential real estate photos are delivered before noon the following day. Edited video varies greatly based on the complexity of the edit, but delivery time frame will be addressed when we provide a quote.
  • What areas do you service?
    Carolina Airshots is based out of central North Carolina but we go to wherever our services are needed. Nationwide!
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This license grants the purchaser unlimited personal usage rights of the final captured and/or edited images.

  1. Includes original data files.


   2.Carolina Airshots retains the original copyright on any images captured and reserves the right to use those images for the marketing and promotion of its business.


With this option, Carolina Airshots will relinquish all rights, and grant the purchaser the exclusive copyright to any and all images captured during their flight(s), for any and all use.

  1. Includes original data files.

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All booking requests are subject to the following; 1. Federal Airspace Restrictions, 2. Scheduling Availability, and 3. Weather. Carolina Airshots will make every attempt to accommodate your preferred flight date/window, but, in the unlikely event we can’t—there’s no need worry. We’ll let you know right away (usually within 48hrs), if either airspace waivers or our teams schedule conflicts with your requested dates and/or flight location. If so, we’ll work to promptly reschedule or issue a full refund, whichever you prefer.

Should weather present a cause for concern, our team will alert you in the days leading up to your scheduled flight as part of our pre-flight communications. Weather-related flight cancelations receive priority rebooking. The on-site Pilot in Command is the final authority on all flight matters, and has the final say regarding day-of weather related delays and cancellations.

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