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Drones are Quickly Changing the Way Farmers and Growers Do Business

Drones are quickly changing the agriculture landscape and the way farmers and growers do business. Large acres of fields require consistent monitoring which has always posed a big challenge for the farm industry. Until now. Crop and soil monitoring used to require human eyes scanning the entire vast plot of farmland, or hiring a helicopter and camera crew, or rely solely on low quality satellite imagery. Now this job can be performed by unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in more efficiently in real time at a huge reduction of cost and manpower. Drones can gather high resolution image documentation in minutes. 

Barley Fields
Crop Field Aerial Shot

This is a revolutionary breakthrough for the agriculture and farming industry and far surpasses any crop monitoring technology growers previously relied on. Now, using UAV drone technology, growers can spot issues sooner through drone data leading to early intervention and higher crop yield. 

Data collected by the drone will show precise plant development of large parcels of crops to reveal production inefficiencies enabling quicker decision making and beer crop management.

It’s essential for growers to assess crop and soil health often. This is where drone technology data collection and analysis has become crucial to the agricultural industry.

Frequent flyovers allow the farmer to gather a wealth of data in minutes, allowing them o quickly assess the soil and crop health, plan fertilization map fields at high resolution, and detect insect infestations and other issues which would reduce crop yield.

Drone photo of crop field
Why Trust Carolina Airshots? 

Without proper training drones can be a dangerous tool.
Don't let just anyone with a flying camera on your property.

Rest easy knowing Carolina Airshots remote pilot adheres to all sUAS safety practices, has extensive training, is Part 107 certified, and holds a permit from both the FAA and NCDOT for commercial drone operation in the state of North Carolina and every flight is fully insured. We secure all necessary permits and airspace authorizations for operating drones at your site.

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