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Top Rated Aerial Drone Photography Services

Drone Solutions

Providing aerial footage to the residential and commercial real estate market


Drone Photo of a house

Showcase your real estate listing by giving potential buyers a stunning birds eye view of the entire property and landscape as well as large parcels of surrounding land.

Aerial Photo of a Real Estate

Real estate professionals understand the power of offering an impressive visual experience to potential buyers which is why aerial real estate photography has become one of the most innovative and effective way to sell your property fast.

Aerial View of a Swimming Pool

Whether moving to a new city or buying a 2nd home, people are relocating long distances at a staggering pace.. Advances in technology coupled with the Covid pandemic have ushered in a new way of buying and selling homes in todays market. According to a recent survey, nearly half of all home purchases made in 2020 buyers had submitted an offer on the home ‘site unseen’ meaning that the buyer had never physically stepped foot on the property. Thanks to UAV technology potential buyers can now view the bigger scope and perspective of the landscape from miles away which is just impossible for a traditional photographer on the ground to capture, unless they rent a helicopter.

Let buyers see the property from a new perspective. Provide context by with aerials footage of the neighborhood and lot, not just the home. .

Aerial View of a Suburb Community
Drone Solutions


Fly Higher than the competition!

There’s no getting around the fact that Aerial photography photos look incredibly professional which speaks volumes about the listing agent. Make your listings stand out and sell faster by including jaw dropping aerial footage for a heightened sense of interest from the buyer you just can’t get with ground shots.

Aerial View of an Estate Home
Outdoor Pool from Above

Why Trust Carolina Airshots? 

Without proper training drones can be a dangerous tool.
Don't let just anyone with a flying camera on your property.

Rest easy knowing Carolina Airshots remote pilot adheres to all sUAS safety practices, has extensive training, is Part 107 certified, and holds a permit from both the FAA and NCDOT for commercial drone operation in the sate of North Carolina and every flight is fully insured. We secure all necessary permits and airspace authorizations for operating drones at your site.

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